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High Quality Products

We have used extensive amount of time to provide all the best high quality brands all in one place. Our journey is still unfinished and we keep pushing new products and new brands to our store and warehouse. If you need something you can`t find in the store, send us an email and we will find it for your.

Reef Factory

Reef Factory is innovative company that produces wide range of modern tools to aquarium hobbiest. With Reef Factory products you can manage many different types of tasks without the need for central computer. All the products are individuals, you can just use one product or you can use 10 different ones. All Reef Factory products you can control and observe with mobile devices or computers anywhere in the world.

AF OceanGuard Aquariums

Modern technologies combined with years of aquarium experience allowed us to create the AF Aquariums. Each element of this carefully designed set has been created to meet the most rigorous quality standards. It is the result of cooperation between the best engineers and aquarists, with whom we’ve created the best reefing solutions.