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AutoAqua is a manufacturer of miniature intelligent aquarium management devices. The Smart ATO Micro automatic top-off system illustrates the company’s commitment to designing products that are small, effective and, very simple to set up and use.

AutoAqua has expanded its use of microsensors to include a protein skimmer cup overflow monitor, SMART ATO and AWC Touch automatic water change system. AutoAqua’s patented contactless digital sensor eliminates the need for mechanical floating sensors and fill valves. This makes the installation simple and extremely reliable. The small size of the sensor systems is ideal for nano and medium-sized freshwater and marine aquariums.

The new Smart Security system works with existing sensors to monitor and react to low or high-water events and temperature extremes, along with skimmer cup overflow prevention. If the sensor detects a problem, it sounds an alarm and shuts down the affected equipment, preventing a disaster.

Smart ATO Duo
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AutoAqua Smart ATO Duo €99,00 EUR
AutoAqua Smart ASOV
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AutoAqua AutoAqua Smart ASOV €69,00 EUR
AutoAqua Smart Skimmer Security
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AutoAqua AutoAqua Smart Skimmer Security €59,90 EUR